Are you playing the star role in the movie Ground Hog Day?

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Who’s in control anyway?

Do you find yourself experiencing the same unwanted situations and outcomes over and over like the movie Ground Hog Day? We sometimes find ourselves stuck in certain areas of our lives due to unconscious programming that is running 95% of the time. Part of leadership development and human evolution is to recognize when we are running a limiting pattern or belief that is disempowering ourselves and others. Failing to recognize and shift these patterns can have undesirable consequences like: not getting successful results, an inability to self-actualize, health problems, and failed relationships. Although our unconscious mind is very powerful and is mostly responsible for our behaviors being on automatic pilot, we are not victims. We are still in control.

Get your power back

Many scientists who study the impact of our thoughts and feelings on health outcomes, creating success at work and in our relationships, being an effective leader or living a happy life agree that the biggest limitation is childhood programming. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a professor of epigenetics at Stanford, says that it is important to change the mental programming because it impacts how you interpret the world, which translates into chemistry that controls the cells in your body and plays a role in your health. Recognizing the programming to empower yourself is how you get your power back in all aspects of your life. Dr. Paul Gilbert, a British psychologist and founder of Compassion Focused Therapy, goes one step further and says although your programming or thoughts may not be your fault, it is your responsibility. By taking responsibility for being aware of these patterns and shifting them you get closer to creating the life you want. As my friend Jim says, “Grow or Die”.

Empowering yourself starts with awareness

As a leadership coach I have spent my career working with individual leaders on self-awareness and with teams on organizational awareness. Whether you are an executive, a leader in your community or an individual with aspirations to improve your life, this principle of awareness is important. Every coaching engagement starts with awareness of strengths, values and derailing behaviors and it continues to cultivate awareness as a life discipline. Human evolution requires an awareness of the internal and external environment to adapt and progress. There are many methods that can be used to cultivate awareness such as: personality assessments, 360 leadership assessments, meditation, dreams, intuitive art, journaling, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and other modalities that tap into the unconscious mind. What is your programming telling you about your life and are the outcomes you are creating what you really want?

Please contact me if you want to learn more on how to empower yourself and others through coaching or my workshop this fall. I also want to thank those 70 HR professionals who attended my presentation “Connect, Then Lead” at the HR West conference in March. I was honored to be selected a second time to present at HR West. If you find yourself in Chicago in October, I will be presenting “Connect, Then Lead” at the Organization Development (OD) Network Annual Conference.