Individual Coaching

Leadership. Performance. Teamwork.

Successful individuals in a business or corporate environment are skilled at all three. Of course, even successful team members can benefit from coaching to bring their performance to an even higher level. People change in relationships over time.

When managers have a chance to reflect, process thoughts and feelings without being judged they get to see their own role in creating their current reality. Coaching supports managers to become grounded, speak the truth and get in touch with their passion.

Executive coaching allows organizational change to happen. Our coaching partnership brings results because our approach is grounded in the science of human behavior and focused on the strengths you already have.

Evolve works with business leaders to help them:

  • Resolve poor performance and communicate with their teams more effectively
  • Overcome personal blind spots in order to drive change and drive results
  • Transform stress to better lead under pressure
  • Alleviate conflict or apathy and coach their team to a higher level
  • Reduce confusion and productivity losses due to unclear goals
  • Create and articulate the bigger picture vision

Leadership coaching is typically offered in 6 month packages, meeting a minimum of twice per month. The most effective way to begin a coaching engagement is with a leadership assessment. Evolve uses two leadership assessment processes together, the Hogan Leadership Assessment and a 360 Performance Assessment, which are proven to get the best results. The Hogan Leadership Assessment is an objective view into leadership capabilities, motivations and potential behavior challenges. The 360 Performance Assessment is a subjective view of leadership capabilities as viewed by colleagues. These assessments facilitate goal setting and planning. Most importantly, during the coaching engagement we will measure results and evaluate progress towards coaching goals.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company to a higher level of leadership, performance and teamwork.