Leadership Forum – Live Webinar Format

Become the leader you were meant to be by enhancing your personal leadership strengths and improving blind-spots that impact your performance. Build on your emotional intelligence and learn the skills of empowering others. Consider joining this small cohort of leaders if you:

  • Are experiencing resistance from your staff, peers or boss?
  • Have department goals that are limping along or stalled?
  • Struggle with managing your emotions which can decrease your focus or cause a breakdown in your relationships?
  • Have difficulties with low team morale, participation or conflict?
  • Want to build a high performing team?
  • Avoid conflict or conversely are overly directive?
  • Want to improve your personal leadership and performance?


Empowering leadership enhances the greater good and brings clarity to the goals and decisions that motivate others to take effective action. You can only lead people who are willing to be influenced by you which requires you to manage your reputation. True power is the ability to influence by preserving and increasing the self-esteem of others which is the foundation of empowerment. In this program you will learn the personal leadership skills and behaviors you need to build the reputation necessary to empower others.


The most effective type of leadership development happens over time through motivation, extended practice and feedback. This is why coaching is typically more effective at creating lasting behavior changes than a one-time training event. This six -month program uses a combination of training, group learning experiences, group coaching, peer accountability and one-to-one individual coaching. This program is designed to use the cohort and the coach to increase accountability and ensure that new behaviors are practiced in-between each session. Shorter sessions over time allow participants to delve deeper in learning new skills while meeting daily work commitments.

The Leadership Forum uses the collective wisdom for:

  • Greater self- awareness, specifically personality strengths and challenges that enhance or hinder your leadership;
  • Developing and expressing power in effective ways, managing emotions effectively and building emotional competence in the areas you need it most;
  • Leading teams and managing results so there is no compromise between getting things done and getting along;
  • Transitioning technical experts or individual contributors to leaders;
  • Motivating others and developing a high performing team;

The group meets once per month for 90 minutes.  Although Evolve Consulting has spent over 15 years conducting Leadership Forums, in person  we are piloting this program using Zoom, a technology platform that allows for remote participation with a full view of the cohort, coach and slide deck. In addition to group coaching sessions each participant will also receive one hour per month individual coaching sessions and Hogan Leadership Assessments to support individual personal leadership development by identifying leadership competencies, derailers, emotional intelligence and values. The fee for this pilot program is $1699 per person. To learn more please contact Carolyn Godfrey at 510-517-7069 or Carolyn@evolvetoday.net.