Power Up!  (One Day Workshop)


Are you ready to take your personal leadership and your life to the next level and Power UP?

Our philosophy is that everyone is a Leader in their life. Developing these Leadership behaviors allow you to manifest the life you want and to empower others in support of your goals and dreams. Personal development is about “Leveling Up”, getting to the next level of growth by breaking through limiting patterns while simultaneously engaging your unique personal strengths, gifts and talents.

A prevalent problem as a human being is the way we disempower ourselves which shows up in our actions and reactions which help create our reality. The reason why we disempower ourselves or create undesirable life circumstances over and over again is simple, it’s that 95 percent of your life comes from subconscious programming and you don’t even know it’s happening. You act in ways that sabotage what you want and you are not even aware of it because its below your conscious awareness. Unfortunately you can’t change the subconscious mind by willing it to change, most people find themselves frustrated because the subconscious mind does not work like the conscious mind.

This one day event allows you to begin to regain your personal power and make forward movement towards creating the life you want. You have to “Power Up” to “Level Up”. Whatever it is you want at work or in other areas of your life, you eventually need to shift your mindset, specifically your subconscious limiting beliefs which drives your identity, to better align your reality with your vision for the future.

In this interactive session we will use a Leadership Coaching framework, Intuitive Painting/Expressive Art and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to access the subconscious mind, make shifts that are more empowering and create forward movement for you to live from a place of empowerment:

  1. Create self-awareness and recognize what takes you in or out of empowering yourself and others.
  2. Explore options, resources, a new mindset and a way of being that is more empowering.
  3. Build new leadership behaviors into your life and design opportunities for practice and mastery. Learn to take your personal leadership to the next level and Power Up!

June 22, 2019
9am to 5pm

Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

$295, ICF CEUs (expected)

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